Get personalised stickers for your new startup (no design skills needed)

Firstly I’d like to say great work on starting your own business. It’s a fun journey full of ups & downs (hopefully more of the ups).


In the next few minutes, I’ll talk briefly about the power of stickers for growing your brand. However, the focus of this article is how you can get the best personalised stickers.


I believe the hidden power of stickers is that people don’t perceive them to be advertising. If you give customers a sticker, most will see it as a gift. Along with their low cost, this makes them a fantastic tool to grow your startup.


Giving gifts is an established way to increase sales because of social psychology’s rule of reciprocity.


So how do you get the best personalised stickers without being able to design them yourself?


Some sticker printing companies, such as Sticker it who sell custom stickers, have a free-to-use online designer, so you to produce sticker designs online. 


You can search a library of templates you can apply to generate your artwork very quickly, with minimal skills needed. A template is a pre-made design you can edit to personalise it for you.


What templates are available, you ask?


There are hundreds, if not thousands – we haven’t counted. You can create almost anything you can imagine. Do you need logo stickers for your new luxury gin brand? No problem, they have a range of pre-designed bottle labels you can edit.


Best of all? It’s surprisingly simple. You can change the text, colour, position and shape to make it your own in just a few minutes.


Here’s an example we created when having a play:


If you want more customisation, you can create designs from scratch or download photos or design elements from stock websites, such as Flaticon.


The do it yourself approach generally requires more time & attention as well as an eye for design, so we recommend this only if you’ve got this.


There we have it. Using templates, you can get your own, professional stickers with no cost & little effort (exactly how we like it). 


Why not try it out today? Please comment below telling us about your personalised stickers.


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