Islamic Jewellery Worn for Allah’s Blessings

Islam prohibits superstitions of every kind; fate is in the hands of Allah and every Muslim’s life is dictated by Allah’s will. Lucky charms and talismans are forbidden according to the teachings of the Holy Prophet. What all Muslims brethren believe in is using Allah’s name for blessings and rewards of all kinds in this world as well as in the hereafter. That is why Islamic jewellery designs mostly have inscription of just the Creator’s name; occasionally people will also get the Holy Prophet’s name engraved on various ornaments. taweez

Pendants are that specific item of Islamic jewellery that uses the name of the Almighty carved into intricate trellises and patterns. As these articles are worn around necks, it is done so with caution and respect. Constant remembrance of the Lord’s name brings peace of the hearts and minds; it also creates harmony in the daily existence; and frees the soul from all worldly desires and tensions.

Other types of neck ornaments have Quranic verses carved on gold, silver or palladium; with the latest trend of using lacquer, they come in beautiful colors and designs. The most frequently used is the ‘Ayat Al Kursi’ the verse from the Holy Book in which Allah states his unparalleled qualities as the one and only God. These items of Islamic jewellery are popular and in demand all over the Islamic world.

Some verses of the Sacred Quran, ‘Surah Al Naas, Surah Al Akhlaas and Surah Al Falaq’ that are recited to ward off evil and satanic influences are also etched on plates and worn around necks. Their presence is considered to be the source of comfort and protection from lustful wanderings of the minds, sinful dwellings in the hearts and evil perpetrated by the devil.

Hollow pendants shaped like a book are a significant feature of the Islamic jewellery. Manufactured from gold or silver they have delicate designs etched on the surface. Followers of the faith place miniature volumes of the Holy Quran inside. In this way the Sacred Book is accompanying them at all times; the solace and comfort derived from its presence are manifold.

Imitations of the filigreed fence around the Holy Prophet’s tomb are also utilized to design various articles of Islamic jewellery. Its intricate pattern is unique and requires a lot of skill to copy. Bangles, necklaces, rings and dangling earrings employing the pattern are purchased enthusiastically by many women.


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