OPPO A54 – Your Ultimate Mobile Phone


Is your mobile phone lagging behind when it comes in terms of performance and speed? Then don’t wait anymore! You can now buy OPPO A544G online, which provides unbeatable performance with its beautiful screen, powerful processors, and impressive camera. It comes in gorgeous colors that you’ll love.

This review helpful: This handset has a powerful Processor, however it lacks in terms of memory. But it comes with two gigabytes of RAM which is more than enough for all your applications and games. And there’s also a speedy Wireless connectivity. This handset can be paired up with the OPPO A544G case, which will provide you a crystal clear view of the screen. There are some other features that this handset also comes with like OPPO Boost, which will increase the speed of your connection.

This review helpful: The OPPO A544G gives an amazing mobile entertainment with its Wifi feature. It supports MMS and Bluetooth. With the help of MMS you can send videos and photos from your cellphone to any compatible receiver. To enjoy HD videos, you can buy this handset with the OPPO Proclamation Wifi. Bluetooth on this handset is supported by a neat set of add ons like Google Maps, Yahoo Messenger, Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi hotspot, infrared and many more. OPPO A54

This review helpful: For a movie buff who takes lots of videos, this smartphone is just perfect. If you’re one of the people who like to have a collection of pictures in your cell phone, you should buy the OPPO A539 instead. This handset comes with a fast charge ability of the octa-core mediatek helio p35. As this feature increases the performance of your Aroma, it becomes much faster and hence, you can upload videos and photos with high quality. You can buy the OPPO A539 online with free insurance, after which, you can download the software for free and get started using the multi functional and advanced features of the phone.

This review helpful: With the A54 you can take as many as three thousand photos with the built in image library. You can also download the super large wallpaper of Nokia E71 or any other you want from Nokia store. Apart from this, there are loads of other features of the A554 such as, double headphone jack, USB OTG, memory card reader, microSD slot, voice call button, dual camera and many more. Therefore, if you want to buy the best android handset along with the best features, you should buy the OPPO A539 which has all the above mentioned features.

Talking about the battery life of the A55S, it has been tested by mobile consumers who have seen that the battery has been able to last up to ten hours. This handset also helps you to enjoy smooth and hassle free entertainment on the go since it has got an excellent resolution and has high-end technology to enhance your usage potential with ease. In case, if you want to have a hands-free experience to view your contacts, videos and photos, you can use the Bluetooth 2.1 technology which is one of the advanced technologies in this mobile device. All these things make the OPPO A539 as a must buy for all the ardent mobile consumers.

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